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Sep 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
michelle obama. we will have live on the starts in about 10 minutes. mitt romney and his wife found their 2010 tax returns yesterday. he paid a 14.1% tax rate. here is more about that. we will watch as much as we can tell our live coverage of michelle obama. >> this morning dealt with the release of tax and information from the ronnie's campaign. 13.7 coming in a combined income, giving it a 14.7 tax rate. 2.2 $5 million to charity deductions claimed it. $3.5 billion earned from warren -- it foreign countries. a $3,000 paid in foreign tax. $1.3 million paid in state income tax. if you go to politico's website, there is a story there saying that mitt romney's tax history is still fuzzy. what is fuzzy about the history? caller: one thing that is interesting is the campaign did not release tax returns before 2010, but they released a summary of the returns from 1992 through 2009. during that period mr. romney paid an average of 20%, but we do not know what he paid each year. we still do not have any kind of tax information for the annual years before 2010. host: why is it important to
Sep 30, 2012 5:05am EDT
a good example, you know, speaking out about it like michelle obama has done, considering the importance of physical activity for our chilen, making sure we support and promote that in ways that are advisory only and not requirement. also paying for prevention, making sure people can go see their doors and learning about the dangers of diabetes. if we can bring down diabetes in our adult population by just 10%, it is amazing what it does to the cost curve of are debt and deficit. i would not be someone who thinks the governmen should get in the business of telling people what they should eat or drink. >> jonathan dine. >> the top five leading causes of death are all related to diet and lifestyle. they are all preventable. diet and exeise can make a big difference. i've been a personal trainer for 15 years. i help people motivate themselves. it is something that anybody can do at any age, but somebody needs to be a role model. the government should make incentives. it is the number one drai on our health care system overall. we do need to have some positive reinforcement instead of negati
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2